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The sensitive area of drinking water disinfection is regulated by international and national legislation, regulations and recognised technical rules. Only treatment substances and disinfection methods that have been tested and approved for effectiveness and sustainability are allowed.

Newtec bases its solutions for water disinfection such as AqualityBox® on the German Infection Protection Law, the Drinking Water Law (DrinkwV) and on the Belgian Drinking Water Law.

Sodiumhypochloriet NaClO is allowed in drinking water according to the Belgian Biocide List  and the German UBA-list (§ 11 TrinkwV).

Newtec Water Systems is listed through its allied company,  Newtec Umwelttechnik in the ECHA-list accoridng to Artikel 95 of the Biocide Products Regulation) EU 334/2014. The uasge of all Newtec systems is therfor permitted.

The systems are permitted for all Product Types (PT) ranging from 1 upto 5 and for PT11.

The Newtec systems are in accordance with the EU Directive EU 528/2012 (Biocide Products Regulation) and allow the owner/operator to comply with the obligation to replace more hazardous active substances with less hazardous ones. This obligation states to replace highly concentrated NaClO (6-15%), chlorine dioxide or other dangerous chemicals with lowly concentrated NaClO (<1%) as produced by the Newtec systems.

AqualityBox® received approval from  the Flemisch Government for Healtcare to be used as alternative solution for thermal disinfection against legionella.

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