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Water disinfection

We manufacture a range of chlorine generators that produce chlorine/sodium hypochlorite on site for a wide range of applications. This may be for the disinfection of (private) swimming pools, well water for humans and animals, rain water and water that needs to be disinfected before further use. We have very small devices that can be used in a wide range of applications. The local production of chlorine is a sustainable and safe process. There is no need for transport and storage of plastic containers or water bottles, and the chlorine produced is fresh and has no loss of quality. There are also no toxic breakdown products present. The addition of chlorine is also very efficient for combating viruses, including Covid-19. Water and salt of EN14805 quality are used as raw materials. The devices comply with the European Standards according to ECHA.

AqualityBox Micro

This is the basic version that can produce 1 litre of chlorine at 2g/litre per hour. They can be equipped with an extra buffer tank in which 5 litres can be stored.

The unit is ideal for small applications such as making rainwater or well water potable. The addition of chlorine is also indicated for removing or reducing other impurities/chemical substances than bacteria (E-colli etc) from the water, including ammonium and chlorate.

Due to its particularly compact dimensions, it can be installed in any place.

The dimensions are 60×36 cm and 90 cm high, and the unit is available in black or white.


AqualityBox Mini

This version is used to produce free chlorine from 6g to 30g per hour at a concentration of 3g/litre. Storage of salt and chlorine is integrated in the unit and it has a durable and strong design. The dimensions are 60×80 cm and a height of 80 cm.